About us
Established in 1986 , Sword & Shield Pharma ltd. is an integrated global pharmaceutical company, committed to providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives. Through its businesses - Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients, Global Generics and Proprietary Products Sword & Shield Pharma ltd offers a portfolio of products including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), generics, differentiated formulations and News Chemical Entities (NCEs).
Chairman’s message :
The drastically broadening definition of human health and wellbeing in changing global scenario produces a dire need to invent and innovate robust formulations with very quick effectiveness to reduce time span on ailment while maintaining body heamostasis intact.

Recognizing this responsibility we persuade to be globally competitive in achieving customer reliability, trust and satisfaction. Which constantly inspire us to focus on research and development to attain our prime mottos of human wellbeing by improving life span and threshold of fitness standard.

For us, credibility and sustainability is a uni-dimensional aspiration, which has its roots in the very purpose of our existence providing affordable medicines to people around the world and meeting unmet medical needs through innovation. Our business, by its very nature, serves a social good, so we have a far deeper reason than profits alone to drive our performance.

For us, building a robust organization is not a trend we need to follow; it is intrinsic to how we have functioned for decades. To us, a commitment to sustainability means a commitment to fulfilling our obligations to all of our stakeholders -- our customers & partners, employees, shareholders and society.

We understand that it is only by increasing value to all of these stakeholders that we can build an ever blooming and lasting organization.
We believe in providing efficient, timely & cost effective products of unmatched internationally FDA recognized quality. Continuous improvements in the direction of quality aspects to achieve Customers' satisfaction is our unending endeavor & ultimate goal. Our Laboratory equipped with latest sophisticated analytical instruments assures us to match international quality standards.